This post came from Hannah, of Browns Plains, and was dedicated to parents across Logan who are juggling home learning, working, siblings, meals and more! We love it for its positivity and encouragement. Thanks Hannah!

Morning mummas!
Just wanted to congratulate all you home-educating mums for completing or attempting day 1 of home school🙌🏼.
As mums we already have a lot on our plate, with nappy changes, bottle making, breaking up sibling squabbles, prepping food, cleaning up and repeat repeat repeat!🙄😆
Know that you are all doing a great job whether its teaching shapes and animals to your toddler, navigating your way through your kids new school program, working out routines or just making sure they all get fed 🤣🤣!
This new approach to home/school life is a big ask but we all do it to be able to keep each other safe, and we achieve so much😌:
Our children get a break from structured learning, and we get more time with them. Our environment rewards us with cleaner air and less noise pollution so we can hear nature settling back in.
Our bank accounts may start actually saving as we have no where to go but the supermarkets lol! Family bonds will be strengthened
* The neighbours next door who hear us getting frustrated with our kids look up and smile thinking ” thankfully I’m not the only one!”
Yes it’s hard fitting it all in I think I did 1hr in the morning and then a few hrs here n there finishing at 4.30! Between nappies, toilet training, rest time, and not forgetting to try to show equal attention to all 3 of my children it was a task!
And to our working mummas, as you brave each day, going to work, keeping the family afloat, braving the uncertainty each day as you drop your kids off. I know for some this is highly nerve wrecking and hard to do. To you mummas I say keep your chin up, take a deep breath, and thankyou.

Well done to you all, and bring on day 3 of homeschool or Mrs mum, as my son likes to say lol!👊🏻💪🥰