Our friends at the Tangentyere Family Violence Prevention Program, based in Northern Territory, are offering a Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence (DF&SV) Introductory Training online for FREE for anyone that works in this space.

Research tells us that in times of crisis, violence against women and their children increases. During the time of Covid-19, women and their children may be in isolation with men who use violence which make this a particularly dangerous time.

The aim of providing this training for free is so that MORE people can be aware of the complexities of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence against women and their children and can identify and support women and their children that are at risk.

It takes about 30 mins to complete.

To get this training for free, please just click on the “Register” button, fill in your details and it will bypass the payment section. At the end of the training you will get access to our short animation film “Stand up!”

Please have a look and see whether it suits your community, and share with groups that could benefit.