We’re putting the call out for members of the Logan Together Movement who are interested in grabbing a cuppa and coming together (via Zoom) over a series of weeks and reading Tyson Yungaporta’s book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World” together.
The Logan Together Movement is committed to implementing the Changefest Statement and advancing the causes of Reconciliation and positive and meaningful action upon the Uluru Statement from the Heart. One of the ways we can play our part in these agendas as individuals and groups is by building our knowledge of Indigenous culture and Indigenous ways of thinking. A few of us were thinking that reading and unpacking books that explore these concepts is a great way to do this……we’ve selected ChangeFest 2019 speaker Tyson Yungaporta’s book as the inaugural book to try out this concept.
Joining the group will involve, first obtaining a copy of the book – a paperback version can be purchased from the Book Depository for approx. $27.00 or as an eBook from Google for approx. $16.50; and then, committing to attending approximately
5 x 60 minute online meetings of the group using Zoom. These will be held every two, three or four weeks. The idea is to reflect upon the reading of 2 or 3 chapters of the book in each session. We are hopeful that we can get Tyson Y himself to join us for a final sixth session of some kind – fingers crossed!
We anticipate that it will take a few weeks to get the group organised but that we will be able to agree on a schedule that suits those who join the group so that we can have the first meeting by mid September 2020.
Register your interest below and we will get back to you!

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