About Stronger Together Logan

We know that we are stronger when we do things together!

Welcome to Stronger Together Logan! 

We’ve all watched the world change massively in the past few weeks, and while so much is different, one thing’s for sure: when we can’t see each other in person, the need for connection doesn’t go away.

Stronger Together Logan is a safe, reliable, informative space connecting parents, children and community workers across Logan. Here you can access information, tools and technology to help you stay informed, safe and adapt to the changing world.  You’ll be able to connect and communicate with each other, share your stories and more.  It belongs to YOU, the Logan community, and we want it to reflect your needs – so take a look around and tell us what you think it’s missing! 

There is a huge volume of information out there at the moment and it can be exhausting and confusing making sense of it.  Our vision is to collect the best of everything so that it’s in one user-friendly online space for all of Logan. This is that space – and it belongs to Logan!

Stronger Together Logan is an outcome of the Logan Together movement, hosted by the Logan Together Backbone Team, for Logan families.