This is your space! Here you can share what you have been doing, find some activities to keep boredom away, and connect with other Logan kids. Enjoy!

Kids to the Rescue

What are some nice things you can do to make things easier for others? Here are some great ideas to brighten someone else’s day during a tough time. 

Pen Pals!

April 21st, 2020|0 Comments

Pen Pals @ Home Instead is a fantastic initiative encouraging young people to reach out to elderly people with a poem, funny story, or [...]

Thank you Imogen!

April 16th, 2020|0 Comments

Well done Imogen! 👏👏👏 Great to see what kids are doing in neigbouring communities.  On behalf of her Girl Guides, she delivered this message [...]

Have you got something we can share on this page?

Awesome Activities

A one stop guide to keep boredom at bay: some great ideas for things to do – no parents needed! 

Kids Take Over!

Over to you: send us your drawings, stories, cartoons and videos – and you might see them here!

This is where we would love to see what you are doing at home during the holidays and beyond.  Have you done any drawings, or taken any photos, maybe you have made a video?  Talk to the adult in your life and ask if you can share them with us – we’ll post them here!

Have you got something we can share on this page?